Building Markets offers a variety of consultancy services designed to build broad-based, inclusive economic growth in developing countries, whether through supply chain linkages, value chain development or data collection and analysis. These services are underpinned by the principles of inclusive business growth, partnership and capacity building. To this end, Building Markets promotes mutual reinforcing partnerships between SME suppliers, the financial sector, private companies and business development agencies. Some of our most popular services are described below.


Market Research and Sector-Specific Reports

We are leaders in accurately measuring local economic impact and providing market research to buyers. Our work includes economic impact analysis, sector-specific evaluations, job creation surveys, market-based methodologies and guidance, annual reports, and private sector overviews.


Business Support Services

Through our extensive market experience and business training background, Building Markets has become a leading expert on the provision of business support services to entrepreneurs, as well as business services providers. We can provide advisory services and management support to your organization as you implement capacity development programs and business-related support services for Liberians.


Market-focused Monitoring and Evaluation

Building Markets regularly collects and analyzes data about the 2,900 plus businesses – across all sectors and nine of fifteen counties -- listed on its Supplier Directory. By utilizing our extensive knowledge on the marketplace, we can provide market-based M&E services and solutions that are out of the scope of most NGOs.


Demand Analysis

Building Markets can provide a review of a company’s procurement needs, local procurement commitments (if applicable) and produce a prioritization of goods and services for which procurement will make commercial sense to your company.


Supplier Capacity Diagnosis

Building Markets can evaluate all dimensions of a local business against best practices, including (but not limited to) Business Strategy; Benchmarks against International Standards; Management & Leadership; Marketing & Sales; Production & Operations; Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management; Finance; Human Resources; Management of Information; and Quality Management. Based on the evaluation, a roster of recommended businesses that also demonstrate a commitment to growth and are financially sound will be supplied.


Supplier Capacity Development

Utilizing a Supplier Capacity Diagnosis, Building Markets conducts capacity gap analyses, which will inform the design of a Supplier Capacity Development program. Depending on the outcome of the supplier capacity assessment, different combinations of the following typical interventions will be implemented to improve supplier competitiveness and performance:


  • Products/production process improvements
  • Marketing (strategy, sales and customer service)
  • Information technology systems
  • Business strategy development
  • Management capability
  • Financial management systems and practices
  • Industry quality management systems (eg ISO certification)
  • Environmental, safety and health management systems
  • Mentoring and coaching


Current and Former Clients

  • AccessBank
  • ExxonMobil
  • Government of Liberia’s Ministry of Commerce & Industry
  • IREX
  • World Bank
  • World Food Programme


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