Clinical Officer (MD)

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Save The Children International
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Wed, 10/15/2014
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CHILD SAFEGUARDING Level 3. The responsibilities of this post may require the post holder to have regular contact with children and young people. In the overseas context all posts are considered to be level 3. As part of these responsibilities the post hold will support the establishment of child safeguarding systems, promote a culture of keeping children safe, and ensure that potential harm to children (by our own staff and/or as a result of how we do our work) is identified and addressed on an ongoing basis. Report and respond to interventions as determined by your position and responsibilities identified in the Child Safeguarding Policy. INTRODUCTION The 2014 Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa has deteriorated rapidly in the past one month. Liberia is the most severely affected West African country and despite efforts to contain the outbreak, Ebola has now spread to13 out of 15 counties in the country. With the rate at which the epidemic is spreading, current interventions of treating cases of EVD at the Ebola Treatment Centers (ETC) are able to provide care to only 30% of cases that need it. Save the Children’s approach for isolation and care of EVD cases will prioritize “closer to the community” approaches through Ebola Care Centers (ECC) that expand the coverage of cases, are easy to access and can be set up rapidly, with care being provided by family members with the protective equipment and clinical support through mobile health and support teams Additionally, Save the Children will revitalize non-Ebola care services with a specific focus on the health of women and children through provision of drugs and commodities to PHCs, the County Hospital and community case management. Complementing the above will be robust behavior change communication, community mobilization and full participation in design and implementation of community initiatives, community contact tracing, WASH, commodity provision, building core capacities in SC and partner staff, access to ancillary services and continuous surveillance and monitoring. ROLE The Clinical Officer, will be in charge of the clinical management of the ECC patients. S/he will work with the MoHSW staff in the ETC as required and agreed upon between SC and MoHSW; will ensure staff are trained and fully understanding of all clinical protocols S/he together with the Health Manager is responsible for the integration of the clinical services with support services, referrals and community outreach for contact tracing.
MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES • Responsible for all aspects of clinical care in the ECC • Provide on the job training of health staff at the ECC • Leads on day to day management of clinical care • Supports staff conducting triage and making key clinical decisions providing clinical advice and support. • With the Nursing Supervisor and the ECC health team, ensure lab tests are sent correctly, verify that results are received and measures are taken accordingly. • Accountable for quality of care in ECC • Oversee overall patient flow, bed status, quality of care, clinical condition of key patients, nursing and clinical staff • Participate in weekly meeting with the medical and non-medical staff • Coordinate with MoHSW to equip and operationalize the CC • Provide clinical care for patients admitted to the CCC as per agreement between SC and MoHSW • Participate in the training of Master Trainers and CCC staff • Identify opportunities for clinical/operational research/case studies that will contribute to quality improvement in patient care • As designated by the Senior Management Team, serve as a focal point/coordinate with Health Manager for all health issues relating to SC staff including medical evacuation; with HR and implement staff health procedures to support staff health, acting immediately on cases warranting supportive measures • Participate in health Technical Working Groups as needed • Comply with Save the Children policies and practice with respect to child protection, code of conduct, health and safety, equal opportunities and other relevant policies and procedures. CORE BEHAVIOURS Understanding humanitarian contexts and application of humanitarian principles: • Able to assess and analyse key issues in the humanitarian situation and formulate actions around them • Actively engages in disaster coordination mechanisms and interagency cooperation • Leads on the development of an organisational response based on an understanding of the contexts Achieving results effectively: • Ensures beneficiary and partner feedback is incorporated into programme design, planning and learning • Demonstrates flexibility to adapt plans and make decisions in rapidly changing environments • Actively manages risk and takes action to reduce risk • Makes changes to improve performance as a result of information received • Documents lessons learned and applies them to future projects Maintaining and developing collaborative relationships: • Develops strategies for teams to work across traditional boundaries, working in diverse environments • Establishes clear objectives with teams and individuals and monitors progress and performance • Fosters collaborative, transparent and accountable relationships through partners • Uses negotiation and conflict resolution skills to support positive outcomes Operating safely and securely: • Demonstrates an understanding of wider UN/NGO security coordination and how the organisation can benefit from, and contribute to, those mechanisms • Undertakes effective risk assessments and develops contingency plans • Takes appropriate, coordinated and consistent action to handle situations of personal risk and risk for others • Reduces vulnerability by complying with safety and security protocols set by the organisation Managing yourself in a pressured and changing environment: • Helps team members to practise stress management through prioritisation of workloads and modelling of appropriate self care • Remains focused on the objectives and goals in a rapidly changing environment • Remains effective and retains perspective in the face of difficult or demanding situations Leadership: Action; Thinking; Self; Inspiring; Developing Others: • Builds own awareness of the bigger global picture by using a broad range of sources to gather data • Demonstrates managerial courage by confronting difficult situations and seeking resolution, and stating willingness to champion ideas • Demonstrates approachability and trust by listening carefully to others and valuing their contribution, and making others feel comfortable by being open and honest about their thoughts and feelings • Demonstrates self-development and management by taking responsibility for own development, and actively seeking out feedback to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses • Gives constructive feedback to enhance capabilities and responsibilities to another for the purpose of his/her development • Works to ensure that the workplace is inclusive and the talents of individuals are harnessed to achieve business success QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE Essential • Qualified doctor with 5 years post graduate experience in clinical medicine, and currently practicing. • Registered within its own country at the general medical council/ Ministry of Health. • Previous experience in clinically managing infectious diseases. • Previous experience of working in isolation units, and a strong understanding of infection control risks. • Previous experience of clinical team management. • Strong communication skills. • Experience of working in a cross-functional and multicultural team. • Ability to motivate and support team in stressful situations. • Fluency in English including clinical terminology. Desirable • Previous experience of working with hemorrhagic fever
Description of Company/Organization: 
Save the Children saves children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfill their potentials. Save the Children started work in Liberia in 1991 with an emergency program focusing on the immediate needs of children affected by the conflict. Save the Children currently operates in eight counties across Liberia and works in: education, health and child protection, child rights governance and response to humanitarian emergencies. Commitment to Child Protection: Save the Children is committed to keeping children safe from abuse and harm. Candidates applying for these positions will be subject to the Child Safeguarding recruitment procedures and checks. Accountability Commitment: Save the Children is committed to be transparent to children, their carers and communities with whom it works by promoting and abiding by existing organizational accountability system which includes - sharing relevant information on its work with children, their carers and communities with whom Save the Children works; reporting concerns raised by children, their carers and communities about the intervention and involving children at all stages of the intervention. We are seeking for qualified professionals with solid background and demonstrated experience to be hired for the current Ebola Response in the below positions:
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