Head of Fundraising and Communications

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Action Aid Liberia
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Wed, 12/03/2014
Description of Job: 
The role is responsible for leading in the implementation of the Country Programme’s fundraising policy through effective partnership fundraising and coordination of sponsorship work in the country programme. This position will also ensure integrated communication planning & coordination across digital, content and media channels, ensure compliance with AAI brand standards, and manage corporate communications for the country program. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES Resource Mobilization Strategy Development  Assess the funding trends and it’s implication on AAL’s work and strategic positioning.  Explore and diversify funding sources for AAL,  Develop country programme resource mobilization strategy aligned to Country Strategy Paper and AAI global strategy.  Develop and implement change management plan related to fundraising and contract management.  Regularly review and update risk matrix related to fundraising and contracts management.  Research on possible funding sources and evaluate their suitability for partnership with AAL in terms of program, political and capacity fit.  Develop and manage funding and sponsorship function’s plans and budgets in line with the CSP, planning and budgeting guidelines and policies  Provide advice to management on fundraising.  Link up with various units to promote AAL’s work to attract donors and support within and outside Liberia. Donor intelligence and identification  Establish and maintain a Donor profile (comprising existing and potential donors) for AAL.  Build rapport and recognition with donors, share values and experiences.  Attend meetings, gather, share and learn from other CSO experiences with donors, scout for funding opportunities and periodically report on donor-scouting activities.  Scout for donor information in newspapers, donor websites, informal networks and informal events/ social activities internet.  Develop a list of prospective donors by identifying individuals and groups (foundations, corporations, government agencies, etc.) who have the capacity and propensity to give, in order to qualify prospective donors for further research and cultivation efforts;  Implements and utilizes a secure data management system that stores information about current and prospective donors to enable segmented retrieval and analysis.  Analyses the list of current and prospective donors using characteristics such as demographics, interests, values, giving history, relationships, and linkages to the organisation, in order to select potential donors for particular projects and fundraising programmes.  Rates current and prospective donors in categories of giving potential in order to prioritise and plan cultivation and solicitation.  Presents the list of current and prospective donors and relevant information to SMT/CMT in order to establish consensus for action. Donor Relationship Management  Build staff capacity to support provision of information for donor intelligence, proposal development, contracts management, and development aid policy influencing.  Work with staff to compile critical donor information from AAL’s work and experiences to influence donor policies.  Work with the program team to synergize and share information with other international NGOs dealing with similar donors; and build relationships for consortium fundraising.  Organize donor visits and coordinate donors’ involvement in AAL’s processes and programmes.  Initiate and strengthen relationships with all donors/ sponsors through a systematic cultivation plan designed to increase support of the organization over the long term.  Develop and implement a comprehensive communications plan in order to inform donors and sponsors as well as identified markets about the mission, vision, and values of AAL, its funding priorities, and gift opportunities  Solicit, share and report on information related to institutional donors in liaison with IPD staff both at the regional and international level.  Participate in and contribute to regional fundraising forums and initiatives.  Contribute towards the development and implementation of a coherent international fundraising agenda across AAI.  Facilitate and report on progress and impact of supporter visits, retention and marketing events and activities targeting the CP.  Coordinate the implementation of AAI policies and guidelines related to fundraising function.  Periodically conduct supporters’ education and market the CP’s work using e-mails, telephone and social media and on-line donor engagements (face book, twitter, online questions and answer sessions, etc) in line with approved work-plan.  Develop and lead the implementation of and accounting for an immersion program for the CP by - Marketing the immersion program among potential donors & duty bearers. - Plan, organise and implement Immersions - Support other AAI CPs to organize immersions and induct staff on immersions (telephone, Skype and e-mails and face-to-face meetings). Funding Proposal Development  Identify funding opportunities, coordinate and support the design of innovative quality projects/proposals with key stakeholders and beneficiaries.  Review proposals for compliance with funding guidelines and protocols and recommend for submission  Provide guidance in the development of proposals in line with different donor funding protocols.  Build relationships for consortium working with INGOs – initiate and organize initial meetings in interest raising funds for the organization. Donor contract management and funds tracking  Negotiate donor contracts and MOUs with funding affiliates and donors in line with ALPs and IPD strategy.  Develop, update and maintain an up-to date project tracking and contract management tools and tracking systems: TM1 database, donor projects and contracts database.  Monitor and report on donor fund flow, utilization and reporting.  Conduct bi-monthly (1-in-2 months) contract management meetings to harmonize donor fund flow, utilization, accountability and contracts management  Provide and document field and administrative support and monitor project implementation and timely reporting.  Contribute to, implement and maintain the CP’s inputs into the contract management information and donor intelligence system on the HIVE.  Maintain and update donor communications on project status and/ or changes. Sponsorship Strategy implementation and monitoring  Enforce and monitor compliance of sponsorship performance targets to global standards as per sponsorship policies, communication plans, and fundraising policies and strategies.  Lead and account for the development of CP growth plan.  Interpret, share sponsorship trend analysis and guide CMT on compliance with sponsorship rules and policies accordingly.  Solicit and share learning on sponsorship performance in liaison with sponsorship fundraising practitioners from other CPs, share and learn from their sponsorship performances.  Support sponsorship unit to organize and document periodic reflections on sponsorship performance in the CP for shared learning and improved accountability to all stakeholders involved in sponsorship.  Enforce and report on ICS 2 implementation and reviews.  Develop and implement the annual partnership funding and sponsorship (PF&S) plans and budgets.  Agree and enforce specific actions on a quarterly basis to deal with poor performance or anticipated poor performance in the sponsorship unit.  Initiate and support feasibility assessment on viability of raising regular giving income locally. Fundraising/ Sponsorship Knowledge Management  Define key sponsorship and fundraising information requirements of stakeholders and develop mechanisms for periodic provision of this information.  Represent the organization / Unit in various department-related knowledge sharing and learning forums. Document and share feedback with the team  Champion and track the use of fundraising/ sponsorship-related knowledge in AAL and amongst its partners.  Track trends in contemporary fundraising and sponsorship management practices, document and provide advice/ recommendations on key developments to Management. Communication Strategy and Campaign Management  Develop the Communication Strategy and monitor its implementation in line with local and international priorities.  Nurture and build relationships with media and publicize organizational events and publications.  Employ innovative approaches to promote the work and impact of ActionAid work to the public within and outside the country through media and other available opportunities.  Work together with programme and policy staff to identify change stories for documentation and sharing as well as support staff with effective communications and media strategies to help achieve objectives.  Initiate, support and drive campaigns in the most realistic and practical ways to deliver high impact.  Work with the IT Coordinator to establish the country programme’s website and showcase AAL’s work on the website.  Lead/Coordinate visits by supporters, potential donors, Immersions, national and international media to project sites, and ensuring that information is availed in the most suitable manner.  Enhance designing, branding and documentation of AAL profiles, brochures, and reports, fundraising and learning materials, etc across the organisation.  Liaise with IT Coordinator to update the organization’s website in line with AAI online policy and strategy. People Management  Set up an enabling environment to encourage staff productivity, innovation and performance (e.g. facilities, equipment, duty facilitation, team building etc.).  Review staff performance and competence, recommending and/or acting on areas for improvement, management action, approving relevant training and development initiatives.  Set up an enabling working environment that promotes staff motivation and integrity in line with the department’s goals and strategic objectives  Provide coaching and mentoring for staff as well as set up frameworks for their coaching and succession planning Strategic decision-making at SMT  Consolidate and make input into the department’s contribution to the development and review of the country strategy paper.  Attend SMT, provide regular departmental updates and contribute to policy formulation.  Contribute to monitoring the effectiveness of the governance practices under which the CP operates and ensure governance accountability and compliance with internal AAI governance policy/ framework and the laws of the country.  Contribute to the development, review and consolidation of country program plans and budgets; and the annual national resource allocation  Support the organizational governance and accountability through support to the board of governance Others • Assume any other responsibilities relevant to the position as agreed with the Country Director. KEY RELATIONSHIPS Internal Relationships: Country Director, SMT members, all AA Country Program staff, relevant ActionAid International Fundraising and Communications Communities. External Relationships: Donors, AAI Funding Affiliates, IPD network in the Cluster, Sponsorship.
PERSONS SPECIFICATIONS Attributes/Skills Essential Desirable Education/ Qualifications A Masters degree in Development studies, Social sciences, or Communications from a recognized institution is preferable. A first degree in a relevant academic major, with extensive experience, will be considered.  Experience  At least five years relevant experience, of which three years must be in a senior management position from a reputable organization, preferably an INGO.  Experience in program management, resource mobilization and grants management, training, coaching and mentoring.  Good understanding of current Partnership, Fundraising, Campaign and sponsorship communication issues.  In depth knowledge of current debates and thinking on Development themes, Media, Communication, etc.  Good contacts and relationships with Civil Society, Media, NGOs, Government and movements.  Knowledge of international and regional instruments, structures, and organizations used for promotion and protection of Partnership, Fundraising, Campaign and Sponsorship. Essential Knowledge  Strategic management and Communication planning  Donor intelligence  Documentation, reporting, Materials development & Publishing  Funding proposal development  Donor contract management  Staff capacity development  Communication and public relations  Resource Mobilization and Monitoring  Networking and collaboration  People management skills  Understanding Financial Management skills  Communication monitoring & evaluation Skill /Abilities  Strong communication, writing and editing skills.  Leadership and management skills  Strategic thinking  Analysis and report writing skills  Presentation, communications, and negotiation skills  Networking, influencing and interpersonal skills  Planning, organisation, time management, and coordination skills  Fluency in written and spoken English  Strong Computer skills in relevant applications.  Proficiency in MS Office Personal Qualities  A person of integrity  Innovative, creative and takes initiative.  Able to work effectively in a diverse team environment  Willing to work additional hours at crucial times.  Self motivated person able to work without close supervision  Effectively promote the AAL’s mission, values and objectives  Proven Leadership Qualities This Position Profile covers the main tasks and conveys the spirit of the sort of tasks that are anticipated proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs. The Position Profile will be updated at regular intervals to reflect changing work practices or priorities and especially following performance reviews. It is part of every staff member's responsibility to contribute to AAI's mission and comply to AAI’s values, which are: Mutual respect, Equity and justice, Honesty and transparency, Solidarity with the poor, Courage of conviction, Independence, Humility How to apply: All interested candidates should submit applications, including cover letter and CV in one (1) Microsoft Word or Pdf document, addressed to the Country Director, ActionAid Liberia Country Program, via email to vacancy.liberia@actionaid.org, copy Korto.williams@actionaid.org. Email subject line should read “Head of Fundraising and Communications Application 12032014”. Deadline for submission of applications is Wednesday, December 03, 2014. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Female candidates are encouraged to apply
Description of Company/Organization: 
ActionAid International is active in over 49 countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe regions in partnership with other organizations. ActionAid Liberia (AAL) is an ActionAid International country program and a registered international nongovernmental organization (NGO). AAL began operation in Liberia since 1997, beginning as a cross border Development Initiative by ActionAid Sierra Leone in response to the humanitarian crisis resulting from the Liberian civil war. AAL is one of the few NGOs in Liberia that works holistically from a women’s rights perspective and challenges patriarchal systems and structures. Working on three main strategic objectives, ActionAid is working with other civil society organizations and the Government of Liberia to end poverty in Liberia. The strategic objectives are Youth and Urban Poverty; Women and Girls Rights, and policy and campaigns component which focuses on escalating issues from the community and national levels to relevant spaces for resolution and improvement.