How do I search for a good or service in the business directory?


To conduct a search, select "For Buyers" on the left side of the screen. Then click on “Supplier Directory,” which will bring you to the search function. You must then select a business category from the drop down menu. Once you select a category, for example Construction and Renovation, click the submit button. This will bring up all registered businesses in the category.  


To find more details on one of the businesses listed, click the business name as it appears in the business card.


Other search options:

To limit your search, you can reduce the number of results returned by one of the search criteria (Sub-category, Location, Structure of Ownership). 


When searching the Business (Suppliers) Directory, do I have to select a category as well as a sub-category? 

No. The sub-categories are there to help refine your search but are not required.