M+E Officer

Name of Company/Organization: 
Child Fund
Location for Performance: 
All Counties
Deadline to Apply: 
Mon, 12/01/2014
Description of Job: 
ChildFund Liberia is seeking to fill the following positions to implement its Kelekula Interim Care Centers (KICCs) established as temporary shelter to provide safe space for children impacted by the EVD crisis, limit the further spread of the disease, offer immediate links to health care professionals, actively work to reintegrate children with family members or caregivers, challenge and change misinformation in the community leading to the stigmatization of these children, while simultaneously contributing to the collection and distribution of crucial data about how children are being affected by the EVD crisis. All positions are Monrovia based with frequent field travels. This is a nine-month project renewable based on need and changing circumstances of the current situation:
3) M+E Officer: Will be responsible for guiding the implementation of related activities within the project, providing timely and relevant information to project stakeholders, guiding the process for identifying and designing the key indicators for each component of the project, recording and reporting physical progress against plans and designing the format of such progress reports. The M+E Officer will also support the implementation of a mobile SMS system designed to track child-wellbeing. Reporting to the Project Director, The M+E Officer should have at least a bachelor’s degree, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in child protection and health M+E in an NGO setting, desirably during emergencies, and must be a Liberian
Description of Company/Organization: 
Monitoring & Evaluation
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