Training Schedule

Important Note: The cost to participate has been reduced to support capacity building of local businesses. Please call 0777 946 940 to confirm schedule or dates. 


Call 0777 946 940 and ask us how you can become a Champion Business and receive hands-on practical technical training and interventions delivered at your business!

Call 0777 946 940 for more information.

Plan to take three of our upcoming training sessions in March 2017!


Human Resource Management Training

March 2017


Team Building and Collaboration Training

March 2017


Report Writing Training

March 2017

General Procurement


Building Markets’ General Procurement Training informs local suppliers of procurement procedures and practices so that businesses can learn how to submit compliant bids and compete to win contracts with government and international buyers. General Procurement Training includes the following modules:  

1. Basic Procurement Principles and Practices

2. Procurement Methods

3. Proposal Development

4. Bid and Supplier Evaluation Processes

5. Learning from Failed Bids

6. Contracts and Payment

7. Business Ethics

8. Doing Business with the Government of Liberia

9. Doing Business with International Buyers

10. Disability Sensitivity

11. Environmental Awareness and Sustainability   


If you are a local business interested in participating in the general procurement training session, please call 0880 340 583 or 0776 881 031.  Or email Or visit the office at Gardiner Ave. Sinkor between 8th and 9th streets in Monrovia. Only businesses verified with Building Markets can participate in this training session.If you would like to be verified, please email us at   


Financial Management and Business Plan Training

The purposes of financial management and business plan training is first and foremost to improve small and medium-sized businesses’ (SMEs) understanding of the credit process and provide valuable information regarding preparations for applying for credit, thereby increasing the likelihood of receiving bank loans. Additional aspects of the training curriculum include aspects of business planning and general financial management. This is a training that lasts one to two days and is held numerous times throughout the project year. The training session will:


-Familiarize SMEs on typical credit processes with banks

-Provide guidance regarding the form and content of required elements of the credit applications, e.g. financial statements and business plan.

-Familiarize SMEs with the various sources of credit available locally

-Familiarize participants with key criteria that can demonstrate a strong credit profile to banks-Instruct participants on how best to prepare their businesses for a loan now or in the future

-Instruct SMEs on the importance of having a business plan

-Assist SMEs in identifying and applying frameworks to analyze their businesses

-Assist SMEs on adopting sustainable practices for their businesses 


Only businesses verified with Building Markets can participate in this training session. If you would like to be verified, please email us at   


Specialized and Advanced Training

These training sessions are supplementary to the three or two-day general procurement training and financial management and business planning courses. They cover a wide range of topics and are offered to selected businesses that demonstrate a need in the areas addressed. Topics include:


1. Advanced Bid Compilation

2. Buyer-specific Bidding Procedures and Processes

3. Customer Service

4. Occupational Safety, Health and Hazards

5. Joint Ventures, Cooperatives & Teaming

6. Project Management

7. Inventory & Control Management

8. Sales & Marketing

9. Special Sessions

10. Hospitality Training

11. Team Building & Collaboration Training


Advanced and specialized training sessions run from one to three days and normally cost $25 - $100 USD depending on the topic. These courses are certificated and involve a deeper level of interaction between participants and facilitators. Please refer to the training schedule for delivery times or call for more information.