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Fauna & Flora
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Sun, 11/30/2014
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Global climate change threatens people, their communities and their livelihoods around the globe. As part of an international climate agreement that will complement the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, the international community has developed an economic incentive mechanism for helping developing countries reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation – REDD+. The Government of Liberia recently received a $3.6 million grant from the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility to develop Liberia’s national plan for undertaking REDD+ activities. As part of developing this plan, the Government of Liberia sought to contract out the Communication Strategy and Information Sharing component of their plan. In June 2014, PCI Media Impact, and our partner, Fauna & Flora International (FFI), were awarded that contract, and will work closely with the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement a successful program. The new Communications Strategy and Information Sharing program will consist of three communications strategies: [1] implement a national communications for behavior change campaign, which leverages PCI Media Impact’s existing STEWARD program radio drama and infrastructure; [2] build an informed constituency, targeting key stakeholder groups, to disseminate information about REDD+ issues, activities and results throughout Liberia; and [3] design and build new websites and an online database on REDD+ issues for Liberia’s forestry and environment agencies, including the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). About Media Impact: Media Impact empowers communities worldwide to inspire enduring change through creative storytelling. Media Impact is a leader in Entertainment- Education and social change communications. For more than 29 years, we have worked with local partners to produce programs that address the most pressing social and environmental issues. Using our unique My Community methodology, we engage and empower audiences around the world to improve their own lives. Working with local partners, we have produced more than 5,000 episodes of 100 serial television and radio productions, reaching more than one billion people in over 50 countries. About FFI: Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has accumulated substantial expertise over our 111 year history in operating across all phases of project development and implementation in our global forestry and natural resource conservation programs. Within Liberia, FFI has been significantly engaged in conservation programs since 1997. Specific to REDD+, FFI has supported the government in developing REDD+ pilot projects throughout Liberia, as well as providing significant support to national level REDD+ readiness, both under FCPF, and via the Norad-funded capacity building for REDD+ project. This REDD+ related work is part of FFI’s larger program of activities designed to assist the national government introduce policies which integrate Community, Conservation and Commercial interests into its forest, natural resource and land use management plans and activities. FFI has also worked on forest governance issues at the national and county levels, including facilitating the drafting of new laws, such as the Community Right Law and the Wildlife Law. Objectives and Audiences The core objective of this position is to design and build new websites for FDA and EPA on REDD+ issues, and identify the required team and build their capacity to support the websites into the future. An important component in the preparation for launching REDD+ is the development of resonant, content-rich “go-to” websites for FDA and EPA, where information regarding the REDD+ program will be prominently featured. The sites are meant to be a first-tier clearinghouse of information on the program, providing resources and depth knowledge for a diversity of audiences (stakeholders) and being a springboard toward services within the national, regional and local contexts. Following are the envisioned specific deliverables. It should also be noted that this list might be subject to change based on the discovery phase. Website Redesign for 2 websites  Content Management System selection  Site Map  Wireframes for Home and Internal Pages  Home and Internal Page Design Comps  Page Templates Website Training  Hands-on-training (with PCI Media Impact staff)  2 mini workshops with FDA and EPA staff Our target audiences, in order of priority: • Programmatic partners, funders, and practitioners and their constituencies • Media/press-related • The general public • US-based, and international decision-makers within government departments and agencies • Academics The redesign for the 2 websites should serve to: • Be a creative space for partners to share their work with the public • Be scientifically deep for stakeholders to access best practices and other program-derived data. • The website will be a high-utility resource, showcasing FDA and EPA’s geographic presence, the nature of the issues being addressed, and the services and partner-led initiatives that are active • Offer a searchable database of download-able material • Highlight trends and news in the relevant fields, with a particular focus on West Africa • Highlight success stories within the Communications Strategy and Information Sharing program as a means to promote the sharing of lessons learned/case studies • Showcase all communications materials developed for the program, including audio-visual materials. The 2 websites should be optimized for mobile devices and preferably constructed using HTML5 components. Scope of Work: The scope of work for this ToR encompasses three overarching tasks: 1) Design and construction of 2 creative, interactive and professional websites that reach the audiences and meets the objectives outlined above. 2) Provide, for a fixed 12-month period, as-needed for on-going major maintenance/upgrades/aftercare and SEO for the newly designed website. 3) Upon completion of the website construction, provide training to members of the PCI Media Impact/FFI/FDA/EPA staff on how to complete regular maintenance and updating.
Duties and Responsibilities 1. Website Development Main activities include: 1.1 Work closely with PCI Media Impact/ FFI /FDA/EPA staff at each stage of the design and stand-up process. 1.2 Select a platform that allows easy integration of multimedia products, social media platforms, and user-friendly administrator interface. This includes migration of content from partner websites. 1.3 Select a platform that allows users to search content by geographic location, issue(s) and language. 1.4 Provide 2-3 new template designs for PCI Media Impact/FFI staff to review and select a chosen design. 1.5 Provide PCI Media Impact/FFI designs of all pages prior to initiating construction of the website. 1.6 Use simple, cost-effective techniques to test designs with representatives of target audience prior to launch of site. 1.7 Secure the existing website prior to transitioning to the new platform. 1.9 Training of appointed PCI Media Impact/FFI/FDA/EPA staff to conduct daily uploads, postings etc. of content to the new website 2. Website Maintenance/Aftercare and SEO: Maintenance does not include significant redesign or development of existing or new website components. Main activities include: 2.1 The contracted web specialist will make edits to “permanent” and “semi-permanent” content as requested by PCI Media Impact/FDA/EPA staff. Edits should be made within one week of request. 2.2 The contracted web specialist will maintain a full backup of the web site through the duration of the contract. The backup, code and source files will be delivered in full to the client on closing of the contract. 2.3 The contracted web specialist will screen the site for broken hyperlinks. 2.4 The contracted web specialist will provide links as requested for integration with Google Analytics and Good Ad Words. 2.5 The contracted web specialist will verify regularly that the site is up and will revert to backup whenever necessary. 2.6 The contracted web specialist will work with PCI Media Impact/FDA/EPA staff to guarantee SEO through the following: keyword research and analysis, site analysis, competitive analysis, site content optimization, HTML code optimization, submission to free search engines, link exchange, and web ranking report. 2.7 During the maintenance phase, the contracted web specialist will provide monthly detailed reports of the website’s performance in relation to SEO and website traffic. This report should include recommendations for improving website performance. 3. Train FDA/EPA Staff The contracted web specialist will provide training to FDA/EPA staff in both the administrator interface and, for select staff, basic maintenance of the site architecture and design. Main activities include: 3.1 The contracted web specialist will provide training to FDA/EPA staff on the use of the administrator interface. 3.2 The contracted web specialist will provide training to select FDA/EPA staff on how to conduct basic maintenance updates to the site architecture and design. Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge Requirements: The contracted web specialist will have: • Fluency in spoken and written English • Experience working with and addressing the needs of non-profit organizations. • Fluency in current trends in website design, functionality, interactivity • Proven experience in successful web design for organizations aiming to showcase multimedia programming, and optimized to showcase GIS mapping data. • Ability to creatively communicate the work of the Communications Strategy and Information Sharing program in both design and presentation of website. • Understanding of End Users needs and ability to match with technical solutions. • Strong track record in website design; security and administration; Google analytics; and SEO. • Ability to respond to client needs and requests within one week of issuance. • Ability to thrive in team environments, with a strong understanding of diversity and other cultures. • Immediately available to work in Liberia. Selection Process: Interested web development specialists should submit proposals, including budget and proposed timeline, by November 30th. Proposals should reflect (1) a clear understanding of the services required in the body of work detailed above; (2) the company’s expertise in managing the development and maintenance of non-profit organization websites, as well as for private sector clients, including samples of work; (3) how the company will engage with the client, including an outlined process for site development; and (4) a proposed budget and timeline for the project. Interested companies should complement their proposal with a list of completed website projects, highlighting projects that showcase multimedia and any work with international groups, preferably NGOs. Proposals and inquiries should be directed via email to Marco Rodriguez at Please mention “Website Development Proposal” in the subject line
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Monitoring & Evaluation